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ESMEfordog products were made with love to the four-legged friends - durable, comfortable and colorful leashes for dogs, thanks to which every walk will be a lot of fun. In our online shop you will find beautiful detachable, classic and velour leashes. Each leash has a functional clip hook and a comfortable handle. Except for the wide range of colors we also offer diversified design, because dog accesories can also be fashionable and stylish! Increase the safety of your dog and give it style during everyady walks by choosing fun dog leashes by ESMEfordog

Classic dog leash - tropix Classic dog leash - tropix


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Dog leashes - types

Sutiable dog leash should provide safety and comfort of use. A leash for a big dog should be more durable, while for a smaller one, such as a puppy leash, should be light. In our online shop you will find:

  • classic leashes - or city leashes, which are available in our offer in two different variants. You can choose between a long dog leash, which is 180 cm long or shorter one - 150 cm long. This is the best solution for young puppies, who only learn how to walk on a leash and can do as good of a job as a so called starter leash;

  • detachable leashes - if you need an adjustable dog leash, choose the detachable model from our offer, which allows you to shorten and lengthen the leash. It is a great alternative for retractable leash for dog, with a significant difference - it is more durable; 

  • velour leashes - they are a great solution for those who love soft texture and want to present gracefully on everyday walks;

  • leashes for two dogs - thanks to special linking to leashes available in our offer, walks with two dogs have never been so pleasurable.

Each of the presented products by ESME is durable and long-lasting, thanks to the high quality tape that provides comfort and safety during walks. Each leash has a functional clip hook and a comfortable handle. Outings together will become even more pleasurable, but primarily safe. Our online store offers dog leashes in various colors and original designs. You will find both more colorful and subdued ones - choose the option that best reflects the character of your pet!

A good dog leash - what to consider when choosing?

Will a long leash for a large dog be the right solution? What leash should I buy for a small dog? There is no clear answer to these questions, because the choice should be adjusted not only to the size and weight of your pet, but also to its temperament and lifestyle. The first step is to decide what type of leash to choose - whether it should be a classic model or an detachable one. In addition, pay attention to: 

  • length and width of the leash - the leash should be long enough to allow your dog to freely explore the area, and you to have adequate control over it. Also remember that with a large dog, a too long leash can lead to the dog being able to pull you harder. A durable dog leash is the one with the appropriate width, so adjust it to the dimensions of your pet. However, do not buy too wide one, because it will not fit well in your hand, and thus will prevent you from having full control over the dog;

  • material - a strong dog leash is made of synthetic materials. In addition, pay attention to the manufacture of the carabiner. At ESMEfordog, each element is made of extremely durable materials, thanks to which our solutions work well for both small and large, strong dogs.

Leashes for big dogs

It is obvious that larger dogs are much stronger than representatives of smaller breeds - that is why our leash for a large dog is made of wider tape, which will endure even the strongest of jerks. Like any other dog leash we offer, this one is also available in many interesting designs, matching the collar and harness. When purchasing, you only need to choose the width of the tape you are interested in. In addition to the traditional models of leashes, you will also find detachable and velor leashes, as well as connectors for two dogs.

Leash for a dog - price 

The manufacturer of dog leashes - ESMEfordog is a guarantee of not only durability and interesting design, but also prices that are really attractive in terms of the quality and durability of the materials used. You can buy our cheapest lanyards for around  60 PLN. The final cost will depend primarily on the type of lanyard you choose. In addition, our "promotions" tab will allow you to purchase products at even lower prices. Follow our offer on to be up to date and hunt for bargains.

Dog leashes - ESMEfordog

If you're wondering where to buy a dog leash, then you've come to the right place. The leashes from ESMEfordog will surprise you with their durability and long-lastingness, while everyday walks will make them pleasant for the convenience of use and will delight you with their beautiful colors and interesting design. We also offer collars and harnesses, so you can create hundreds of combinations and find the perfect match for you and your pet.

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